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Monday, December 17, 2012

Young Beautiful Meztiza Filipino Woman

Lady is a fun-loving, crazy, spontaneous, adventurous, loving, young and meztiza Filipino woman who is always looking to make the most out of her life . She loves to take risks and to try new things. She is a kind of girl who likes when you come behind her and hug her
and whisper "I love you" and then you can take her absolutely anywhere spending time with you because she know that you will take her into a right track. Lady loves to talk anything and she is the type of Filipino woman that can't easily forget.

Lady would like to meet a man that will make her happy. A man who loves to laugh and/or is true to his self. Someone who is not afraid to look like a silly in order to amuse themselves or others and someone who is really doing something with his life, no matter how big or small. She is totally ready to meet the person who's gonna make me settle.

It is been such a sad and windy road for her just searching for the truth : She's looking for her one and only ......

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