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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ellen Adarna - FHM Cover Girl January 2012

Two things: Welcome back and happy New Year! Glad to have you back!
Oo nga, it’s been one year! Thanks also for having me back.

You said it, it’s been a year. What have you been up to since we last saw each other?
Well, I got into Muay Thai, my boyfriend dragged me to do that. I’m still doing Bubble Gang. I did a cameo for My House Husband in MMFF. I don’t have a name, I’m just The Bank Teller, watch for that. And I think meron akong bagong show nitong 2012, pero I’m not sure which show yet.

Any resolutions for the New Year?
None! Ha ha! Ever since naman hindi talaga ako nagreresolutions. Kasi I end up not doing it. Rebelde talaga ako, sobra. I’m not very good with resolutions and promises. But this year is my year. It’s the year of the dragon and I am a dragon.

Wow, we didn’t know you were superstitious.
Yung Chinese horoscope lang. They say dragons are very lucky and I can say that I am very lucky. Wala pang time na kapit sa patalim. Kunwari, I run away from home. It’s never happened na I badly needed money. Hindi ko ma-feel na ang malas ko. Never. So I really feel very lucky.

Wait…run away from home? Where do you go?
Yes, rebelde nga kasi. So I go to a friend’s house, papa-adopt muna ako sa kanila. And then after that, uwi na ako ulit. But take note ha, yung times na naglayas ako, I worked. There was never a time na naglayas ako at umasa sa kanila. I lived in their houses but I paid for my food, I bought groceries. Not that nagpapabayad sila but I did that kasi nakakahiya. I always find a job when I make layas.

You are something else.
There was a time, I was only 17. I applied as a call center agent. Hindi pa ako nakaka-graduate nun, but they hired me as an HR personnel.

You seem to have done a lot of things—what’s the craziest you’ve ever done?
Ano ba? I used to do a lot of things. I used to party a lot, pero [I learned] wala rin namang mangyayari. Paulit-ulit lang: maglalasing ka, magkakaroon ka ng hangover tapos to level it out, inom ka ulit. It’s just a cycle. Ngayon, I rarely go out na.

So how do you like to spend your time now?
Taping, I go to the gym almost every day. And then I cook for my boyfriend. Para na akong housewife ngayon. Boring na ang buhay ko but I’m happy.

Good for you.
Yes! Mas intense talaga ang mga ginawa ko before pero ngayon, I’m more mellow and calm. I like myself better now. I feel at peace and I like it.

And you’re only 23.
Yes, but when you think about it, I started when I was 12. When I was 13, tumodo talaga ako until nag-give up na lang ang parents ko sa akin.

Bet you got into a lot of trouble then.
Yes! I always did, especially when I was younger. My parents were very strict because I was the only girl, di ba? So there were times when I was not allowed to do this or to go there pero siyempre I still would. Bahala na. Alam ko may consequences yun—nagging—but after that, it’s done. Pasaway talaga ako, pero alam ko namang hindi nila ako papatayin di ba? So okay lang.

You don’t fear anything?
I fear my dad. Natatakot talaga ako sa kanya, pero alam ko namang [after a fight] we’d be okay. Ha ha ha! Ngayon, wala na. Pinababayaan na lang niya ako.

Where do your guts come from?
From my dad. Ha ha ha! We’re the same! It’s the Adarna blood. We’re strong, palaban. I do what I want, ganyan. But also, maybe because I’m also young. Kelan pa ba ako mag-a-ano, di ba? When I’m old na and hindi na bagay sa akin? So yes, I do what I want. I can see myself in my dad because he’s also like that.

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