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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maureen Larrazabal FHM Sexiest Women Top 64

Maureen Larrazabal INTERVIEW 
Has your definition of what makes you sexy also changed?
Pareho pa rin. I've always said that being sexy is not about how shapely your body is and how beautiful you are. Your sexiness comes out if you know and feel that you are sexy. It's everything that comes out from within you that makes you sexy.

You're around the country's best comedians most of the time. Do you think they're the best lovers in the world?
Yes I do. Ang hirap kasi makasama ang isang taong sobrang seryoso sa buhay. Life itself is serious enough. Ngayon kung magpapaapekto tayo sa buhay, di ba parang mas mahirap iyon? Mas masarap kasama iyong lalaking mahal mo na, napapatawa ka pa. Mas nagiging bata iyong pakiramdam mo pag ganoon ang partner mo sa buhay. Komedyante ako pagdating sa relasyon kasi I'm like that in person makulit talaga ako at masayahing tao.

What kind of men's bedroom antics do you find hilarious?
Wala akong maisip. May body odor? Naku, teka, hindi na yata nakakatawa iyon. HIndi naman dapat na maging komedyante siya sa kama. Dapat active lang. (laughs)

Does that mean knowing different styles?
Sa amin na lang iyon. Kasi pag sinabi ko, baka magpractice na sila sa lahat. Mahihirapan naman yata akong pumili nun! (laughs)

Do you think men make good pets?
Yes I do, It's just a matter of how you train them.

You mean Tricks?
No, I mean serious stuff like handling relationships.

What's the wildest thing you've ever done while on vacation?
Ang eksena ko sa beach? I just enjoy it with friends Kulitan lang, kuwentuhan nang medyo green. Pero hanggang dun lang. Wala kaming ina-actualize. Alam kasi namin ang aming limitasyon. Biruan lang at kaunting drinking.

So you've never kissed a hunky lifeguard on a dare?
Hay naku, hindi mo ako mapapagawa nun kahit sabihin na natin na nakainom ako. Malakas ang loob ko, sure, but I know what I'm doing lalo na pag umiinom ako.

Ever licked ice cream other than from a cone?
Parang ayoko yatang sagutin ang tanong! (laughs) I do a lot of things. I love to experiment to spice things up. Ice cream as props? Ayoko... hindi ko nalang sasabihin (laughs)

Is there a particular experience that you used here?
Well, it's a sexy shoot, so... ha ha ha! Let't not go into that. Ha ha ha!

Is there anyone making you feel sexy right now?
Oh yes. I am with someone now and he makes me feel really, really sexy. We've been together for almost four years now. Whoa!
I don't do sex. I make love.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jennica Garcia FHM Sexiest Women Top 65

Jennica Alexis Maitim Garcia was born on December 26, 1989. Jennica Garcia is a Filipina actress and the daughter of Jean Garcia. Jennica Garcia is the only daughter of Jean Garcia and Jigo Garcia. She started her career when she got the role of Karen Manansala in Impostora, her first GMA show. She landed her first movie role in Regal Films' Hide and Seek. She has paired with Mart Escudero, who won StarStruck's Ultimate Loveteam with Kris Bernal, in her shows in GMA.

After Kim Samsoon, Jennica joined the cast of Gagambino. She has worked with her mother since Impostora and paired again with Escudeor on different projects. This is Jennica's first telefantasya break. After Gagambino, Jennica is one of the 4 leading cast members in Adik Sa'Yo, pairing up with actor Dennis Trillo, which was aired June 8, 2009. Adik Sa'Yo ended last September 11, 2009 and garnered a high TV ratings.

Since she rest-out in drama after five months she appeared on Show Me Da Manny on April 17 the following month she appeared on Mind Master last May 7 now she is back in drama via Captain Barbell but during the taping of the show she fainted and was rumored to be pregnant. She has denied the rumor.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rachelle Ann Go FHM Sexiest Women Top 66

Rachelle Ann Go was born on August 31, 1986. She is a Filipina singer, model and actress. Rachelle Ann Go have a beautiful voice she got a pretty face but I never seen her wearing beach wears or shall i say Bikini. Check out some of her photos she got an awesome figure can't imagine when she is wearing bikini's, hmm what will be my reaction...

Rachelle Ann Go TOP 66 in the Men's Magazine FHM Sexiest Women.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Andi Eigenmann FHM Sexiest Women Top 67

Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann or better known as Andi Eigenmann. She is a Filipina actress and model. Andi Eigenmann started her showbiz career on the soap opera Prinsesa ng Banyera, where she played the role of Sandy. In 2008, she was in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus. She was the second house player to enter the house and was evicted on day 53. In 2009, Andi Eigenmann was one of the 12 finalists of the MYX VJ Search 2009.

Andi Eigenmann starred in the fantasy series Agua Bendita on 2010. She played the dual role, Agua and Bendita. Agua Bendita follows the story of twin sisters, one is normal while one is born with physical defect and have the ability to heal.

Andi Eigenmann now is one of the Hottest Female in the Men's Magazine FHM. She is TOP 67 and I have some pictures...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jahziel Manabat FHM Sexiest Women Top 68


There are a lot of websites that feature your pictures. Does this flatter you? Ine-expect ko na yun. Car show model kasi ako sa kahit sino puwede kunin yung picture ko. Nakikita ko naman siya, ako naman lahat yun so okay lang.

You're part of the Premiere Condoms Vixen competition. How did that start? Actually late na ako pumasok nun. siguro nakatatlong shoot na sila. I had an event for the Yes magazine anniversary. Joey (Anciano, Summit key accounts executive)saw me and asked if i wanted to join. Sabi Ko, "Go go go." Ha ha!

We heard you say a while ago that you wanted to enlarge your breasts. You have such a nice body why add more? Gusto ko pero ang dami nagsasabi sa akin na wag na. Ibang part na lang daw. Ha ha!

So what part would you get enhanced? Ano ba? Tingnan na lang nila sa magazine tapos sabihin nila kung anong part ang dadagdagan, Ha ha!

What are the qualities you look for in a guy? I get turned on with black guys. Ewan ko kung bakit. Hindi ko alam talaga kung bakit pero wala pa akong nagiging boyfriend na black. Kahit sino na lang pero mas gusto ko black. Wala lang dumarating.

Why black guys? We all know what they say about black dudes.. Yung sa size? Ha ha! Hindi sa size kasi gusto ko sa guys yung mga nagba-basketball at hindi ka mababastos kasi parang lalaking-lalaki ang dating nila.

Since you're part of the Vixens, does this mean that you enjoy competing? Actually no, but since sumali ako okay naman siya. Gusto kong manalo, sino ba naman ayaw manalo? Tao na ang mag decide pero ginagawa ko naman lahat ng makakaya ko.

Who inspires you to do what you do? Super gusto ko kasi si Tyra Banks. Super pinapanood ko yung America's Next Top Model.

If Tyra Banks inspires you, would you say you just don't see yourself doing sexy stuff but you want to do high fashion as well? Hindi naman! Gusto ko lang siya kasi ang dami ko nakukuhang tips. Like how to smile with your eyes. Yung mga eclaver niya!

What would you say is your personal weakness? My family kasi love ko sila. Alam nila yun. Okay lang ako yung pakialaman nila basta wag lang yung family ko.

Here are some of her pictures. Check if she got the hotness..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Isabelle Daza FHM Sexiest Women Top 69

Isabelle Diaz Daza or better known as Isabelle Daza was born on March 6, 1988. Isabelle Daza is a Filipina print, ramp, and commercial model. She is the daughter of the Philippines first Ms. Universe, Gloria Diaz. Fondly called Belle, she is currently a member of GMA 7's roster of young talents and was introduced to mass media entertainment audiences during a dance number in noontime show Party Philipinas on April 17, 2011.

Now Isabelle Daza have an opposite life when she's still a little girl, she did not have the conventional looks society expected from Miss Universe's daughter. when Isabelle Daza is on her young pictures showed a boyish Daza with curly hair, wearing big glasses and braces. Before formally beginning her modelling career, she participated in a lot of sporting events and was always a member of her schools' football varsity team. The athleticism and boyishness of Isabelle Daza mellowed and she began to developed her more feminine and fashion-conscious side when she was offered her first modelling stint.

I have some pictures of Isabelle Daza and damn she is beautiful..

Monday, November 28, 2011

Aze Sasaki FHM Sexiest Women Top 70

TRIVIA of Aze Sasaki
I have a thing for long hair, but it should work for them. I like Japanese-looking guys, too. My ultimate crush is Takeshi Kaneshiro he's a big model in Tokyo and some parts of Asia. He can manage long and short hair. He's my ideal guy. So far, I still haven't found somebody like him here.

You were glued to your PSP console for almost the entire shoot. What are you playing?
I'm playing Tekken. I'm in career mode so I just can't put it down. My character here is Christie Monteiro, that girl who looks just like J.Lo. She beats up opponents with her Capoeira moves and she's pretty agile. I like her.
So you're a gaming geek. That's not exactly what we can call lady's game, though.
Well, I'm really into sports, games, movies actually, more of the boy stuff. I mean, I play basketball; I do wall climbing. Now I'm into surfing with my friends.

Here's some of her pictures...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

RR Enriquez FHM Sexiest Women Top 71

Trivia about RR Enriquez

On Guys:
Heaven digs guys who sport the "kalbo" look. "Dapat Mukha kang palaban. Basta kalbo. Yung mukhang sexy. Lalo na yung chinito."

Heaven likes to go on dating. She had tried dating 12 guys in one ninght. As of now, she's not keen on having a serious relationship. "I don't want to have a boyfriend just yet. I'm enjoying my single life and my boylets. Ha ha ha!"

Heaven was one of the models who appeared in Parakya Ni Edgar's "Papa Cologne" music video.

Some pictures of RR Enriquez check out here Curves... :-P

Friday, November 25, 2011

Julia Clarete FHM Sexiest Women Top 72

Julia Clarete Trivia:
"I've always hooked up with ordinary people, never with guys from showbiz. I guess it's a choice. Wala rin akong mahanap. I think there are more interesting guys outside show business or maybe I haven't come across people in showbiz who are actually interesting to me Or whenever I do, they'd be already tied up with someone."

Trivia #1
Julia Clarete on camparing showbiz and guys: "I've fallen in love with showbiz. Everything about it the good, the bad, the ugly. It's just like falling in love with someone. You can't just love a guy who makes you happy and who's just always there for you. This person must have something that irks you."

Got some Pictures of Julia Clarete...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paw Diaz FHM Sexiest Women Top 73

Paw Diaz is an actress, model and TV host in the Philippines. Paw Diaz was born on March 1987. When she joined ABS-CBN reality artist search, Star Circle Quest, where she emerged as a finalist. Paw Diaz is known for doing afternoon dramas in supporting or special participation roles and became the lead role as Wilda Abrantes in the 2010 mini-afternoon series of Precious Hearts Romances.

Paw Diaz is getting sexier when the time comes and now she is the TOP 73 in FHM's Sexiest Women. I have some pictures of her and for sure you'll say that she is hot and sexy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alessandra De Rossi FHM Sexiest Women Top 74

Interview of Alessandra De Rossi by Lou E. Albano

Don't you like to be admired and desired?
Oo naman, of course. Anong number nga ba ako sa 100 Sexiest last year? Seventy-seven ba yun?

Are you aiming for the top spot this year?
I'm not. Alam mo naman dito sa atin kailangan boobsie ka para masabing sexy ka. Aminin na natin.

Don't you think you're sexy?
Ako alam kong sexy ako. Sila hindi. Ha ha ha! Problem nila yun. My attitude is sexy. My confidence is sexy. Sa totoo lang, proportioned naman ang katawan ko. Hindi naman sa pagpi-feeling, pero may laban naman ako kahit papaano.

I got some of here pictures but actually I have a post of her just check them out in my blog.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Abby Poblador FHM Sexiest Women Top 75

Interview of Abby Poblador

You're a car show veteran. How many did you model in 2009?
I did four. The last was Bumper to Bumper, where I was awarded Miss Bumper to Bumper. I was also the 2009 Miss Trans Sport show.

Andy why do you think you've become such a favorite?
Smiling face daw ako and very approachable. And I'm the prettiest daw, ha ha! So ayun, dinudumog talaga lagi yung booth ko.

Do you also wear something similar to what you donned for this shoot?
Well, I usually put on a bikini top then sexy shorts or pants. Gusto ko kasi kakaiba ako, kaya lang ngayon marami na ring gumagaya sa suot ko, ha ha! So maybe next time I'll wear nothing at all! ha ha!

You're one of the candidates for the search for the new Premiere Condoms endorser. We'll give you a head start: why should you be the endorser for the brand?
Hhmm, sabi kasi a Premiere endorser daw should be true to herself, ganun ako. Hindi ako plastic. Then dapat din daw maraming alam sa sex at ako na yata ang may pinakamaraming alam sa sex sa aming lahat na kasali. ha ha!

Alyssa Alano FHM Sexiest Women Top 76

Geramie Daud or better known as Alyssa Alano, She is a Filipina film and TV actress. She was a former member of the popular Viva Hotbabes franchise. Alyssa Alano was born on August 11, 1987. She has been a contract artist under the GMA Network eversince she entered showbiz, and continue to do so.

In 2009, she was surprised by her half-sister in Spanish Australian father's side by telephone and realized that her father already died. In February 2010, she and her paternal half-sister met face-to-face. in March, Alyssa moved to Australia to meet her paternal relatives. She speaks Tagalog, Spanish, and limited English.

Bella Padilla FHM Sexiest Women Top 77

Krista Valle Sullivan or better known as Bella Padilla. She was born on May 3, 1991, she is a Filipina actress. She was one of the new talents introduced by ABS-CBN via Star Magic Batch 15. The same year she got her first TV role in the teen drama Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv Ur Lyf 2.

Bella Padilla was awarded the Miss Friendship and the Media's Darling awards in the Asian Super Model Contest that was held in Guilin and Nanning in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. on September 6 and 7, 2011.

Bella Padilla dated actor Jason Abalos for three years between 2007-2010. They met in the ABS-CBN compound, where Bella Padilla was previously contracted.

Maria Ozawa FHM Sexiest Women Top 78

Maria Ozawa was born on January 8, 1986. Maria Ozawa was born in Japan. Since she always attended an international school, she claims that her English reading and writing ability is better than her Japanese. While at school, Maria Ozawa played hockey everyday, and often went to karaoke after class. She says she became Sexually active at age of 13, and leared the "48 sexual positions" from a book she bought herself.

While still a student, Maria Ozawa appeared in a short Japanese TV commercial for DARS Chocolate with the two members of the Japanese pop group KinKi Kids. The commercial has her sharing chocolate with one singer while secretly holding hands with the other.

Maria Ozawa first became familiar with Adult Videos by watching sex tapes that belonged to a friend's brother. Unlike most Adult Video Actresses, Maria Ozawa was not scouted. Instead, she was introduced to the AV industry through a friend appearing in AVs.

Check this out some of her Hot Pictures of Maria Ozawa. TOP 78 in FHM Sexiest Women.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jinri Park FHM Sexiest Women Top79

Interview of Jinri Park
What is the best part of having you as a girlfriend?
I guess it would be me always being up for doing random stuff. Because I know a lot of girls who are into doing routines, like going to the mall, movie, then dinner. I'm up for doing stuff out of the ordinary.

Interesting. What is the most random thing you've done?
I once packed my bag and gone out of town, just because I felt it at that moment. I went to the airport, bought a ticket and just went. I think that's pretty random because I know a lot of people wouldn't do that. They would plan it, be all, "no, not that place, no, not that date". if you feel like doing something you should do it now.

Travel sounds like a big deal for you. What's on your bucket list?
I would love to go to Santorini, in Greece. Also Italy, somewhere near the Mediterranean. I grew up in Cebu, so I like the beach. I like Greece because of the really blue ocean and the white buildings and Italy because there are a lot of museums and artwork.

So that makes you a history buff? Or some of culture vulture?
I'm not really a history buff, but i like art. I love art! But i suck at drawing. It's really bad, like just sticks and weird stuff. Ha ha! But I like looking at paintings. In my free time I also like painting, but it's not something I would show to people and be all, "Yes, I'm a great artist." No, it's just doodling and my thoughts on picture.

Are you more left-brained or rightbrained?
I don't know,  I think I'm in the middle. I'm not totally creative; I wish I were. I would have loved to be, but I also studied pre-Med for two years and loved science and still do. I ready Biology books at home.

Do you envy creative people?
i didn't get to say this earlier, but i love artistic guys. Guys who are good with instruments or good at art. I'm so jealous of creative people; that's something you have to be born with. Whereas science and math, you can actually study it and reach a certain level; creativity is just genius.

Since this is the lingerie special, what do you think is the sexiest piece of lingerie?
I think the simpler it is, the sexier because it draws attention to you and not the lingerie. I like lace, but not too much, just enough to be subtle. I don't like wearing these things because it makes me feel like I have a wedgie all the time! Ha ha! I would wear thongs if I had to wear really tight dresses, but I like wearing normal

I got some pictures of Jinri Park.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sheena Halili FHM Sexiest Women Top 80

Sheena Halili was born on January 16, 1986. She is a Filipina actress, teen star, model. She became popular when she played the role of monica in the 2007 series, MariMar. She also became a Regal contract star because of Marimar. She entered Philippine show business through the first wave of StarStruck, the reality-based star search of GMA Network.

Megan Young FHM Sexiest Women Top 81

Megan Lynne Young was born on February 27, 1990. She is a Filipina-American Actress who is a member of Star Magic Batch 15. She is best known for being a former celebrity housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 2. She is a former GMA Network talent. She is the first StarStruck star ever to transfer to GMA's rival station, ABS-CBN, in a bid to change her image from a villain to a nice girl. Megan Young is the TOP 81 in FHM Sexiest Women. I got some pictures to prove that she is worth in the TOP 81 place in the Mens Magazine FHM.

Sheree FHM Sexiest Women Top 82

Sheree is also a member of Viva Hot Babes a female group in the Philippines.

EB Babes FHM Sexiest Women Top 83

EB Babes of the Eat Bulaga Babes. the EB Babes were formed from the ground up from hundreds of aspiring females from all over the Philippines in a Reality-TV concept. The members of EB Babes are:

  • Rose Ann B. Boleche
  • Marbelynne M. Rivera
  • Mergene E. Maranan
  • Saida E. Diola
  • Molly Eva A. Baylon
  • Maricorn Mangampo
  • Ma. Victoria M. Duenog
  • Stephanie Ann Tan
This year the are TOP 83 in FHM Sexiest Women.

Jen Rosendahl FHM Sexiest Women Top 84

Jen Rosendahl she a member of a very well known girl group in the Philippines the Viva Hot Babes. Jen Rosendahl is totally hot and very sexy and now she is the TOP 84 in FHM Sexiest Women. I got some of her pictures just check it out.

Jessie Mendiola FHM Sexiest Women Top 85

Jessie Mendiola was one fo the 18 new talents launched by ABS-CBN under Star Magic Batch 15. Her biggest break is playing the title role of the ABS-CBN afternoon TV show Sabel. Jessie Mendiola is TOP 85 in FHM Sexiest Women no wonder her show is very famous not just in the Philippines but some parts of the world.

Rufa Mae Quinto FHM Sexiest Women Top 86

Rufa Mae Quinto was born on May 28, 1978. She is a Filipino actress, comedian, and television host. Rufa Mae Quinto started her showbiz career after landing a spot in That's Entertainment on 1996. Her biggest break was Gloria, Gloria Labandera on 1997. Rufa Mae Quinto is widely known for playing the character "Booba" and "Boobita Rose" in both hit movies, a role for which Rufa Mae Quinto inspired an international catchphrase in the Philippine vernacular to refer to a lack of English fluency as having a "nose bleed".

This year Rufa Mae Quinto is Top 86  in FHM Sexiest Women.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saicy Aguila FHM Sexiest Women Top 87

Saicy Abucejo Aguila was born on October 12, 1983. She is a dancesport and samba instructor in Bacolod City and former reality show contestant who joined Pinoy Big Brother. Saicy Aguila is Top 87 in FHM Sexiest Women.

Alodia Gosiengfiao FHM Sexiest Women Top 88

Alodia Almira Arraiza Gosiengfiao or also known as Alodia Gosiengfiao was born on March 9, 1988. She is a very famous Filipina Cosplayer Model, Artist and Host. She started cosplaying in 2003 at the age of 15 by joining various competitions in Metro Manila. her popularity began in 2003 when she won in an event called the C3 Convention in 2003 as Gun Mage Rikku of FFX-2 Since then, she cosplayed over 40 anime, video game and movie titles, appearing in various local and international conventions as participant, performer, judge or as a guest.

Alodia Gosiengfiao is now TOP 88 in FHM Sexiest Women. I have some cosplay pictures of Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Kitty Girls FHM Sexiest Women Top 89

The Kitty Girls is an all girl singing group formed in April 2007 by Ms. Cecille Carpio of Elan Models International and Jose Felix Dingcong of JLD Management, in the Philippines, Consisting of Jocelyn Oxlade, Ayanna Olivia, and Khai Lim. The Kitty Girls is a sing and dance group that's currently getting a lot of attention in Manila with their Hits K.I.T.T.Y. and Dance Naked. They are still the hottest girl group in the Philippines.

They are TOP 89 in FHM Sexiest Women.

Kylie Nicole Padilla FHM Sexiest Women Top 90

Kylie Nicole Padilla was born on January 25, 1993. She is a Filipina actress and the daughter of Filipino action star Robin Padilla. She is the TOP 90 of FHM Sexiest Women check out how beautiful she is.

Alex Gonzaga FHM Sexiest Women Top 91

Catherine Cruz Gonzaga or better known as Alex Gonzaga was born on January 16, 1988. By the way her name was change in 2008. She is a Filipina actress and host. She is the sister of Toni Gonzaga.

I have some pictures of her just take a look.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jamilla Obispo FHM Sexiest Women Top 92

Jamilla Obispo joined the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition here in the Philippines. She is a HOT MAMA and Top 92 in FHM Sexiest Women. I got some of here pictures check them out even though she have child she is still Super Hot and Sexy Mama.

Maui Taylor FHM Sexiest Women Top 93

Maureen Anne Rodriguez Tupaz better known as Maui Taylor was born on June 28, 1983. Maui Taylor is a very well known actress in the Philippines. I think there is now Filipino people that doesn't know Maui Taylor. Maui Taylor's name has frequently appeared in FHM Philippines local version of the magazine's annual 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll. In the 2006 chart, she ranked 20th overall, up 54 notches from 2005. for the years 2002 and 2003, she made the Top 10.

Chariz Solomon FHM Sexiest Women Top 94

Charyze Pagotan-Solomon or also known by her screen name Chariz Solomon was born August 22, 1989. She is a Filipina Actress, Television Personality, and Commercial Model. She also appears in several GMA Network programs. Chariz Solomon started her career in showbiz when she joined in the reality-based artista search in Philippines, StartStruck. and she got lots of projects.

The TOP 94 in FHM Sexiest Women Chariz Solomon. She's a very cutie girl and very attractive to men. I got some of her pictures and you'll be the judge of how sexy she is.

Ryza Cenon FHM Sexiest Women Top 95

Ryza Cenon or also known as Rhiza Ann Cenon Simbulan was born on December 21, 1987. She is a Filipina Actress, Teen Star, Dancer, and Model. She joined the reality show on GMA 7 StartStruck and after a year she have lots of TV Show on GMA Network. Right now she got the TOP 95 FHM Sexiest Women 2011.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mocha Uson FHM Sexiest Women Top 97

Mocha Uson FHM Sexiest Women Top 97. for those of you who is Mocha Uson. Mocha Uson is one of the Mocha Girls she is the leader of the super hot sexy female group.

Gwyenth Ceridwen FHM Sexiest Women Top 98

Gwyenth Ceridwen she is very hard to get on the photo shoot because she is a shy type girl and she always think that she is not pretty enough to be one of the FHM Top 98 Sexiest Women. She is just simple but still she have a unique beauty in her.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jem Milton FHM Sexiest Women Top 99

Jem Milton born on September 07, 1987. She is 5'5" and her weight is 100lbs only her stats is 34" 24" 24". By the way guys she likes a man that have a nice eyes and a bad boy look but not totally bad boy attitude. She also like a man that is very sweet and not a shy type guy and most of all she loves a man that will make her queen, and fight for there love.

Here's some of her pictures she is the Top 99 FHM Sexiest Women. No doubt she is sexy!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mercedes Cabral FHM Sexiest Women Top 100

Mercedes Cabral born on August 10, 1986. She is a Fine Arts (Sculpture) and Actress. Mercedes Cabral was introduced in the film "Serbis" (At Your Service) in 2008. The film was nominated for Golden Palm Award in the 61st Cannes Film Festival, that is the film why she won the online voting for The Most Beautiful Actress who walked the red carpet of the recently concluded 61st Cannes Film Festival.

I got some pictures of Mercedes Cabral and check out how sexy she is, that's why she is one of the FHM Sexiest Women.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot Candy Girls FHM Month September

Hot Candy Girl's viewer I'll be posting the top 100 Sexiest Women in the Philippines. Jest keep on viewing this blog to be updated for the 100 Sexiest Women. You can also share this blog on your Social Network. Thanks and have fun viewing the blog.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marisa Miller Beach Photo Shoot Batch 4

This is the last batch of Marisa Miller Beach Photo Shoot. Don't worry guys I'll keep you updated when I'll got the latest photos of Marisa Miller...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Marisa Miller Beach Photo Shoot Batch 3

Marisa Miller Beach Photo Shoot Batch 3 and i will be posting that last batch of Marissa Miller photo shoot in the beach...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Photos

Hot Candy Girl's I have some amazing photos of Taylor Swift, a Wardrobe Malfunction on her concert. check this out guys and if you want to leave some comments please do so..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Imogen Thomas Wearing Pink Bikini and Topless

Imogen Thomas is a Beauty Queen and Television Personality. She also join Big Brother. I got some photos of her just wearing pink bikini and some topless...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz

This is a comedy movie about a teacher who is looking for a very wealthy man to help her get out in misery. The lead character of this movie is Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) she's ruthless, money hungry, inappropriate, and foul-mouthed. Elizabeth who sets her sights on her colleague Amy (Lucy Punch) who have a boyfriend named Scott (Justin Timberlake) he is also a substitute teacher. Russell (Jason Segel) did not admit defeat despite being turned down for a date by his gold-digging colleague.

I got some pictures of Cameron Diaz doing a car wash.

Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scarlett Johansson Hot Pictures

Scarlett Johansson was born on November 22, 1984. She is an American actress and singer. Scarlett Johansson is also considered a peerless sex symbol by Channel 4, and she always appears at the top of lists of the sexiest women in the world. Scarlett Johansson appeared on the cover of the March 2006 issue of Vanity Fair in the nude alogside actress Keira Knightley and fashion designer Tom Ford. Maxim named Scarleet Johansson No. 6 in their Hot 100 Issue in 2006; No. 3 in 2007 and No.2 in 2008.

Scarlett Johansson was named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire on November 2006. She was also named the Sexiest Celebrity of the year by Playboy on February 2007. During the filming of Match Point, director Woody Allen described Johansson as sexually overwhelming, saying that he found it very hard to be extra witty around a sexually overwhelming, beautiful young woman who is wittier than you are. GQ Magazine named Scarlett Johansson its Babe of The Year on 2010. Well known for her fashion sense, she is styled by the New York's Annabel Tollman.

I have some Hot and Sexy Pictures of Scarlett Johansson and she is the Fourth Sexiest Women in the World According to DT Magazine.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Adriana Lima Lingerie Photos

The latest pictures of the Sexiest Women in the World Adriana Lima. Hot Candy Girl viewers hope you'll love the new pictures of Adriana Lima.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Irina Shayk

Hot Candy Girl viewers lets welcome Irina Shaykhlislamova or better known as Irina Shayk was born on January 6,1986. She is a Russian Model known for her 2007 through 2011 appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Irina Shayk Started her career realtively late for a model, at the age of 19, when she began modeling in Paris. In 2007 she replaced Ana Beatriz Barros as the face of Intimissimi and in the same year debuted in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has appeared in every annual edition, attending photoshoots in such places as St. Petersburg, Naples, Grenada and Chile.

Irina Shayk modeled the Armani Exchange spring/summer 2010 campaign. She also starred in Kanye West's Power directed by artist Marco Brambilla. She was on the cover of Ocean Drive and GQ South Africa for the August issue. She ranked first in the 50 Hottest Russian Women list by Complex magazine

The Late Show with David Letterman 2011 episode last February 14, 2011, it was revealed via billboard that Irina Shayk was the covermodel for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. This is the fifth time she has been featured in the magazine, but the first time she has been on the cover. She is the first Russian to appear on the cover. Irina Shayk became the face of swim label Luli Fama's 2011 advertising campaign and look book.

Hot Candy Girl viewers here's her Super Sexy, Hot, and Very Beautiful pictures.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friends with Benefits Lead Actress Mila Kunis

Milena "Mila" Kunis was born on August 14,1983, is an American actress. Her television work includes the role of Jackie Bukhart on That '70s Show and the voice of Meg Griffin on the animated series Family Guy. She has also played role in film, such as Rachel Jansen in Forgetting Sarah Marshal, Mona Sax in Max Payne and Solara in The Book Eli.

Mila Kunis was cast alongside Justine Timberlake in the romantic comedy Friends with Benefits, which filmed from July to September 2010, in New York City and Los Angeles. Director Will Gluck stated that he wrote the story with Mila Kunis and Justine Timberlake in mind. Friends with Benefits received mostly positive reviews with critics praising the chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake. "Ms. Kunis is fast providing that she's a gift that keeps giving to mainstream romantic comedy" and "her energy is so invigorating and expansive and her presence so vibrant that she fills the screen" said Monohla Dargis of The New York Times.

Mila Kunis was ranked No. 54 in Stuff's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" 2002; Maxim named her No. 47 on its 2006 Hot 100 list. 2008, she was ranked No. 81 on the Maxim Hot 100 list. She was also ranked No. 81 on the FHM U.S 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2008, although she is unranked in other FHM magazines from different nations. In 2009, she was ranked No. 5 in "Maxim Magazine's Hot 100" list. In addition, she won the award for "Hottest Mila" at the 2009 Spike Guys Choice Awards beating out Milla Jovovich. In 2010 Kunis served with Randy Jackson as the Master of Ceremonies for the 9th Annual Chrysalis Foundation Benefit. The Chrysalis Foundation is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization formed to help economically disadvantaged and homeless individuals to become self-sufficient through employment opportunities. In 2011, Mila Kunis graced the cover of the February issue of Cosmopolitan and the March issue of W magazines. For the 17th Annual Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair, Kunis was among the actors to be chosen to appear on the Cover.

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