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Monday, November 28, 2011

Aze Sasaki FHM Sexiest Women Top 70

TRIVIA of Aze Sasaki
I have a thing for long hair, but it should work for them. I like Japanese-looking guys, too. My ultimate crush is Takeshi Kaneshiro he's a big model in Tokyo and some parts of Asia. He can manage long and short hair. He's my ideal guy. So far, I still haven't found somebody like him here.

You were glued to your PSP console for almost the entire shoot. What are you playing?
I'm playing Tekken. I'm in career mode so I just can't put it down. My character here is Christie Monteiro, that girl who looks just like J.Lo. She beats up opponents with her Capoeira moves and she's pretty agile. I like her.
So you're a gaming geek. That's not exactly what we can call lady's game, though.
Well, I'm really into sports, games, movies actually, more of the boy stuff. I mean, I play basketball; I do wall climbing. Now I'm into surfing with my friends.

Here's some of her pictures...

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