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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FHM Cover Girl January 2013 Marian Rivera

The question everyone is itching to ask: Why only now?
Why? You told me that this would be a special issue because it will be your anniversary. You also said that it would be different, mas maraming concepts sa loob, mas makabuluhan at pinaghandaang mabuti. I admit, it took me a long time to say yes to FHM pero this time kasi nag-swak na ang gusto kong mangyari sa gusto niyong mangyari so everything fell into place. I guess it’s a sign na worth it yung paghihintay nang matagal dahil sobrang ganda nung konsepto and it’s also what I wanted.

It’s not like you weren’t ready for this. Still, for the last five years when we were courting you it seemed like you weren’t.
Hindi naman sa hindi ready. There are just things you don’t take for granted, kailangan pinag-iisipan mo rin yung mga gagawin mo and what its effect would be to the people who’ll be seeing it. In fairness naman sa FHM you showed exactly how this shoot would turn out, you were honest and you gave me everything I wanted, so walang dahilan para tanggihan ko ang pagko-cover.


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